Meet Zoe Care,
the invisible eldercare assistant

Zoe Care integrates with your Wi-Fi to assess movement, detect
falls, and alert caregivers in case of emergencies – no cameras
or wearable devices.

meet zoe care invisible eldercare assistant
ces 2024 zoe care

Meet Zoe Care at the Consumer Electronics Show #CES2024

Come experience a world premiere in non-intrusive fall detection.

January 9th to 13th, 2024
CES 2024 – Eureka Park – Las Vegas

Take care of your loved ones in
the comfort of their own home

detect falls

Detect falls
in real-time

pickup irregular behaviors

Pick up on
irregular behaviors

send out emergency alerts

Send out
emergency alerts

analyze daily activity

daily activity

Zoe Care technology is issued from University of Paris-Saclay, ranked #1 worldwide for Mathematics research

(Shanghai ranking 2022)
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Are you a professional caregiver?

Get in touch today to see how Zoe Care can help you reduce costs,
increase vigilance and quality of care, and improve care efficiency.


Senior housing

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Detect irregular behaviors
and alert the right people

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Detect habit changes and psychological changes over time so you can adapt and personalize your care.

zoe care prevention

Frequently Asked Questions

For the V1 of Zoe Care’s fall detection system, we provide a wall plug. Plug it anywhere in the home, connect it using the provided mobile app, that’s as simple as that !

No, the motion detection uses a technology which can be compared to a radar, using a fixed source (Wi-Fi box) and a fixed receiver (wall plug).

Yes, Zoe Care analyzes the motion of « going to the floor » and can therefore detect as much hard falls as soft falls.

All the data is processed on the wall plug, and not stored. The only data that go out are the alerts sent to the caregiver. Our company complies to GDPR requirements.

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