The invisible eldercare assistant

And enables care givers to work more efficiently and serenely



In-depth analysis

Zoe Care technology is issued from University of Paris-Saclay, ranked #1 worldwide for Mathematics research

(Shanghai ranking 2022)

Telemonitoring: detect specific behavior anomalies


Aggressive behavior


Bathroom issues

Prevention: habit and physiological change detection

Easy like an app to download

No hardware

Simple app to download (smartphone, tablet, PC, broadband hub…)

No constraint

No wristband or necklace, no cable to install

Non intrusive

No videosurveillance, data stored locally

Are you a professional care giver ?

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How much does Zoe Care cost ?

Zoe Care service is billed as a montly subscription, per number of beds, and is cheaper than most cell phone services.

Should I install appliances ?

No, Zoe Care doesn’t require any new appliance, since it can be installed as an app on most connected appliances in the bedroom / house / residence. A wall plug can be provided if needed.

Whare are Zoe Care’s main benefits ?

1. Zoe Care can easily be set up, without any constraint of position, any cable, or any new gear.
2. Zoe Care is non intrusive and non stigmatizing : no wristband, necklace, no camera, and data is stored locally.
3. Zoe Care detects falls & other events in real-time, with accuracy and with a great range beyond walls
4. Zoe Care is evolutive, allowing detection but also prevention with many use cases about elder people but also about chronic disease patients.

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