CES 2024 :
experience the invisible eldercare assistant

Meet us at the Consumer Electronics Show to learn how we can help the elderly enjoy life at home safely and comfortably

ces 2024 experience the invisible
ces 204 future of elderly home

Welcome to the future of elderly home

Zoe Care will unveil how everyday consumer appliances can be used to detect falls with high precision and in a non intrusive fashion


Detect irregular behaviors
and alert the right people

elderly home check fall


elderly home check aggressiveness


elderly home check undernutrition


Meet our innovators

thomas saphir

Thomas Saphir

Co-founder and CEO

pitor antonik

Piotr Antonik

Co-founder and CEO

r d engineer 1

Thomas Saphir

R&D engineer

r d engineer 2

Juan Pesantez

R&D engineer

Want to meet at CES ?

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Come say hello 😉

Venetian Expo,
Hall G — 60613 — Eureka Park